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With Yogamea, you can learn yoga online and become a certified Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hours with International Yoga Alliance.

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Rys 200 Yoga Alliance
More Than 1000 Students

Since its foundation in 2013, the Yogamea school has trained more than 1000 students, from over 120 countries around the world. The effect of yoga on the mind and body is such that the people who practice it want to connect, creating a real community of experience.

A Path of Transformation

Each day we live can be decisive. If you adopt a good habit and practice it every day, you will have changed your life. Yoga helps you stay fit and gives your body a better ability to fight disease. Begin your journey with the first 50 hours, move forward at your own pace and transform from student to teacher.

Meet the Teacher

With more than 10,000 teaching hours and over 25 years of experience, Timea Vitez is recognized as an HR – RYTT (Highly Recommended Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer). 

As a result, in addition to being loved and well-respected in the yoga community, she has been referred to as one of the best international yoga teachers.

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About 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

About 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is a divine activity that triggers not just physical but spiritual parts of the body. Practicing yoga is a way to self-discovery and attains inner peace. YogaMea is the place where you can learn the basics as well as advanced practices of Yoga. Although we always prefer to practice traditional methods, staying updated with the latest trends is also the need of the moment. With that in mind, YogaMea offers a 200 hour online yoga teacher training certification course registered with Yoga Alliance (USA) for all those enthusiasts who are willing to master this art.

Online 200 yoga teacher training certification course, at YogaMea, is the easiest way to get certified as a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance without compromising your on-job growth at work. As our schedules are getting busier with more and more work, it is becoming far more challenging to spare some free time for something you love to explore. Fortunately, online 200 yoga teacher training gives you the freedom to fully utilize your limited time and resources while making the whole training process less expensive and more flexible. 

If you have completed the first 150 hours of modules 1, 2 and 3, you are ready to start this one.