Remove Energy Blocking with Pawanmuktasan And Shakti Bandha

Pawan Muktasana is commonly known as wind release pose. Pawan Muktasana can be categorized into three parts that include: · 

  • Anti-rheumatic group 
  • Digestive/Abdominal group
  • Shakti bandhas – energy block postures

Each of these categories contains different yoga postures that are the basic movements of the toe, ankle, knees, fingers, hips, elbows, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and spinal twists. At YogaMea, students are required to practice Anti rheumatic group – 3 Rounds each Asana along with asanas from the digestive abdominal group, and Shakti Bandha Asana Energy block postures 3 times each.

Commitment – Watch the video and repeat 3 Rounds each Asana

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